2021 Workshops for the 2022 Topics

The Convergence Accelerator selected 12 topics to further be developed through workshops. Topic submissions were gathered from the Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) NSF-21-012, focused on gathering convergence research topics for FY2022. Below are the final workshop reports.

Accelerating Translational Materials R&D for Global Challenges (PDF, 16.9 MB) , led by IBM Corporation (Award ID: 2122643)

Nature-based Solutions for Sustainable and Equitable Coastal Communities Workshop Report (PDF, 4.89 MB) , led by Northeastern University (Award ID: 2123085)

Societal Shock Resilience Workshop Report (PDF, 1.1 MB) , led by University of Southern California (Award ID: 2124634)

GeoConvergence Workshop Report (PDF, 1.35 MB) , led by American Geographical Society, a project of the Fund for the City of New York (Award ID:2121124)

Election Science and the Improvement of Election Administration in the US Workshop Report (PDF, 4.22 MB) , led by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Award ID: 2122039)

Accelerating Disability Inclusion in Workplaces through Technology Workshop Report (PDF, 1.89 MB) , led by led by Wichita State University (Award ID: 2122120)

Liberate 2021 - Living Better through Rehabilitative and Assistive Technology Workshop Report (PDF, 19.94 MB) , led by by Georgia Institute of Technology (Award ID: 2125017)