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Science Matters

From Earth’s poles to black holes, NSF stories about transforming the world through science.

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A love for marine life

February 16, 2021
Naiyiri-Blu Brooker grew up in a military family stationed in rural Germany, far from the sea. Nevertheless, she has been obsessed by marine life since childhood. “I would annoy my family by making…

The stars within us

February 7, 2021
Humans have always looked to the stars and studied them. Over the past century, science has revealed the fundamental role stars play for nearly everything in existence, including the elements on the…

NSF 101: The Mid-Career Advancement program

January 15, 2021
As a mid-career scientist or engineer (at the associate professor rank or equivalent), you are familiar with the pressure to remain productive in the lab, yet also obligated to teaching, institutional…

The Director's 2020 highlights

December 28, 2020

Despite the many challenges we have faced this year, as NSF’s 70th year draws to a close, we can reflect on this legacy and celebrate the accomplishments of 2020 — all of which demonstrate our…