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Science Matters

From Earth’s poles to black holes, NSF stories about transforming the world through science.

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VLA is turning 40

October 7, 2020

Everything you need to know about the most versatile, widely used radio telescope in the world

The future of how things are made

October 2, 2020
Large masses of plastic refuse and other marine debris, drawn together by waves and wind, currently float across the north Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii. Popularly known as the "Great…

The science behind HBCU success

September 24, 2020

How NSF and HBCUs are supporting research that explores HBCU success rates across all STEM fields as a model for broadening participation across higher education

Bringing you the quantum future—faster

August 7, 2020
You’re going to live in a quantum future. Sooner than we may once have imagined, new technologies will leverage quantum properties to create faster, more secure communications, powerful computers…