About Evaluation and Assessment Capability

EAC offers centralized support for planning and policymaking at the U.S. National Science Foundation. EAC provides (1) superior services to NSF staff and (2) national and global leadership in advancing rigorous evaluation of investments in science research. Our goal is to promote excellence in achieving the NSF mission by supporting a culture of evidence in decision making through:

  • Engagement in NSF strategic planning.
  • Providing research and evaluation services to generate and use evidence.
  • Advancing methods to evaluate investments in research and innovation.

EAC is committed to pursuing work that adds value and complements ongoing activities at, and capacity developed by, NSF offices and directorates.


Study of Anti-Harassment Policies, Guidelines, and Communications

Full Report Slide Document (PDF, 1.18 MB)

This study investigates and responds to questions in the National Science Foundation’s Learning Agenda related to NSF’s recent anti-harassment policies to promote safe, harassment-free environments for the practice of science.

NSF's Rotator Study

Full Report (PDF, 867.41 KB)

This study provides a descriptive portrait of ​​IPAs and an assessment of IPA costs as compared to federal employee costs.

"Evidence Act" deliverables