About the National Innovation Network

NSF has built a structure that can expand the Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) program throughout the community of NSF-funded and other researchers, entrepreneurial communities, and other federal agencies, resulting in the National Innovation Network (NIN).

About the National Innovation Network

About the National Innovation Network

The National Innovation Network, or NIN, is a tightly connected organization of I-Corps Hubs, Nodes, and Sites across the U.S. that make up the program’s regional and national training programs. The NIN is diverse and inclusive in all aspects — including research disciplines, personnel, institutions, tools, programs, capabilities, and geographic locations. This composition provides the NIN with the flexibility to grow and adapt as needs arise. The network empowers researchers and entrepreneurs across the country to learn how to bring innovation research to the marketplace.



NSF reorganized the NIN in 2021 to include I-Corps Hubs, which serve as the operational backbone of the network. In addition, Hubs expand the network of universities and collaborators as well as build and sustain a diverse and inclusive innovation ecosystem throughout the U.S.

Learn more about Hubs’ areas of responsibility and how to join a Hub. 

Nodes and Sites

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I-Corps was originally organized into two groups: 1) Nodes — groups of several universities and 2) Sites — primarily single universities. Both Nodes and Sites provide regional training to scientists and engineers, and although Nodes and Sites will continue to operate, all future expansion will be through the Hubs program only. 
Visit Regional I-Corps Training for a list of all current Hubs, Nodes, and Sites.