Animal Life

Monarch butterflies
Monarch butterflies bask in the Florida sun. NSF scientists have been tracking the monarchs’ decline in the hopes of finding clues to saving them.

Credit: Florida Museum photo by Court Whelan

Spinner dolphins school just beneath the surface of the sea.

Credit: Andre Seale, University of Hawaii

tree frog embryos
Three-day-old embryos of red-eyed tree frogs (Agalychnis callidryas) photographed in Gamboa, Panama.

Credit: Karen Warkentin, Boston University

Ankole cattle and zebra share grazing lands in central Kenya.

Credit: Rebecca Chaplin-Kramer, Natural Capital Project, Stanford University

Allosaurs attack a sauropod along a beach in what is now Utah, 150 million years ago.

Credit: Todd Marshall

Confocal microscopy image of nerve fibers in zebrafish brain

Credit: HHMI Janelia Research Campus

skull of lizard
The skull of an earless monitor lizard, via CT scan.

Credit: Edward Stanley and David Blackburn, Florida Museum of Natural History

skull of frog
The skull of Hemiphractus scutatus, a horned tree frog from South America.

Credit: Edward L. Stanley, Florida Museum of Natural History

Butterflyfish school
Butterflyfish school near Acroporid corals at Lord Howe Island, Australia.

Credit: F. Joseph Pollock, Penn State University

School of Atlantic Silversides seen from below

Credit: Chris Pickerell, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County

swimming fish
Fish swim along a coral reef in the Line Islands in the central Pacific Ocean.

Credit: Jennifer Smith, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

catshark glowing in the dark
The chain catshark (Scyliorhinus rotifer) naturally glows in the dark.

Credit: ©J. Sparks, D. Gruber and V. Pieribone

whale shark
Whale sharks regularly pass nearby when ocean-going science vessels traverse the Pacific ocean.

Credit: Kelly VonDrehle, IODP

a shark
A shark lurks near the Lost City hydrothermal field deep in the Atlantic ocean.

Credit: Courtesy of Susan Lang, University of South Carolina/NSF/ROV Jason/2018/©Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution