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Science Matters

From Earth’s poles to black holes, NSF stories about transforming the world through science.

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Supporting the Foundation of Fairness in AI

March 12, 2020
Artificial intelligence is everywhere – in your smartphone, your TV, your social media feed. That can be good. AI can give you everything from improved health care to personalized movie picks. But it…

#NSFstories: Where the Wild Things are

February 6, 2020
According to her big brother, Brooklynn has always been an angel. But to hear Rachel Enos, Brooklynn’s mother, tell it, her three-year-old daughter is more like a Hells Angel ever since she brought…

Empathy and engineering: Q&A with Lexi Dixon

February 6, 2020
Lexi Dixon, a junior from Kansas City, Missouri, loves music, singing, robots and working with her hands. Her school’s FIRST Robotics team builds cars for children with mobility impairments through…