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Photo of Dr. Kevin J. Morris


Dr. Kevin J. Morris
AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow
Directorate for STEM Education
Office of the Assistant Director
Class of 2021–2022

I am currently a biomedical scientist working in the field of science education research. My professional background is comprised of biomedical research, project management and public and science outreach, which I combine with passions for tackling new challenges, cultivating relationships and vision-setting. During my time in graduate school, I worked on a project that aimed to determine the function of a disease-associated RNA-binding protein in the brain that when mutated causes severe developmental delay. In my postdoctoral position, I researched best practices in science education and mentorship for diverse high school and undergraduate students. In my current position, I hope that my work continues to contribute to the diversification of the STEM workforce by improving STEM pathways for all students.