Facility and Instrumentation Request Process (FIRP)

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Important Information for Proposers

A revised version of the NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) (NSF 22-1), is effective for proposals submitted, or due, on or after October 4, 2021. Please be advised that, depending on the specified due date, the guidelines contained in NSF 22-1 may apply to proposals submitted in response to this funding opportunity.

Supports research, education and outreach projects that use instrumentation and facilities sponsored by NSF's Facilities for Atmospheric Research and Education Program.


The Facility and Instrumentation Request Process (FIRP) solicitation describes the mechanism by which the research community can propose projects that require access to instrumentation and facilities sponsored by the Facilities for Atmospheric Research and Education (FARE) Program in the Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences (AGS).  FARE provides funding support to a variety of organizations to make specialized instrumentation and facilities available to the atmospheric science research community through the Lower Atmosphere Observing Facilities (LAOF) and the Community Instruments and Facilities (CIF) programs. FIRP allows for parallel evaluation of intellectual merit and broader impacts along with the feasibility of the proposed project.

All research proposals and education and outreach proposals that require the use of FARE-sponsored assets must be submitted through this solicitation. PIs requesting the use of FARE-sponsored facilities for a scientific and/or educational project must follow the guidelines for submission in this solicitation.

The FIRP solicitation offers three proposal submission tracks based on the type and purpose of the request:  

  • Track 1 - Education and Outreach.
  • Track 2 - Single Facility Request.
  • Track 3 - Field Campaigns.    

Preference for funding will be given to proposals submitted to programs in the Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences in the Geosciences Directorate. If you are planning to submit a proposal to a program outside AGS, including NSF-wide or Directorate-wide solicitations and solicitations released under the NSF 10 Big Ideas, please contact the FARE program director to discuss the timelines, review process, and budget request for the use of FARE assets. 

Program contacts

Subhashree Mishra
sumishra@nsf.gov (703) 292-8521 GEO/AGS

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