Important Information for Proposers

A revised version of the NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) (NSF 22-1), is effective for proposals submitted, or due, on or after October 4, 2021. Please be advised that, depending on the specified due date, the guidelines contained in NSF 22-1 may apply to proposals submitted in response to this funding opportunity.

ADVANCE Recorded Webinars and FAQs Information

June 14, 2022


Lessons Learned from ADVANCE grantees:

 20th Anniversary of ADVANCE - Five Recorded presentations and panels from March 2021


Preparing ADVANCE Proposals: Resources and Technical Assistance

Recorded ADVANCE proposal preparation webinars:  These are meant to provide helpful information as you think about preparing a proposal to NSF ADVANCE, please note that the NSF 20-554 solicitation guidelines must be followed so you need to also review the solicitation thoroughly.  

Adaptation proposal development (access code: 2?9+vQeL) Note the deadline for required letter of intent is coming up in August and the full proposals in November!

Partnership proposal development (access code: B*x1y$Rc) Non-academic organizations interested in doing ADVANCE work should review this webinar and note the deadline for the required letter of intent in August and full proposals in November!

Catalyst proposal development (access code: RigPG4b$)  Note that Catalyst proposals are accepted before and after the target date so essentially there is no deadline for Catalyst proposals - please contact the program office to discuss your timeline for submission.

Frequently Asked Questions for ADVANCE solicitation NSF 20-554 Always use the solicitation guidelines for proposal preparation and submission. 


Join the NSF ADVANCE Community!

If you would like to be connected to the NSF ADVANCE community of extraordinary people, you are invited to join the ADVANCE Resource Coordination Network (ARC Network) - you do not need to be a NSF grantee to join!