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Recent Scam Involving NSF's Name and Likeness

February 16, 2021
The U.S. National Science Foundation is aware of its name and likeness being used in a fraudulent manner. Scammers claiming to represent NSF inform individuals that they have won NSF grant money and can claim it for a fee. NSF has a long-standing merit review process that governs issuance of research and research-related awards made by the foundation.…

NSF & Congress has moved to beta

January 30, 2020

On these newly designed pages you can find some of the latest testimonies before congress, information about how NSF impacts your state and links to the major legislation involving NSF.

Changes to Vacancy Listings

October 7, 2019

The Career Opportunities information on beta includes major changes to the vacancy listings page. These changes were made after several months of user experience research with potential job seekers and NSF staff.