Celebrate our 70th

Help us celebrate our 70th Birthday on May 10 (Observed on May 11) 

Help us celebrate our 70th Birthday on May 10 (Observed on May 11) 

Share your #NSFstories

NSF’s story is YOUR story. Our story is made up of stories of the scientists, researchers, engineers and educators who think big and set out to discover the unknown. People who build the foundation of knowledge about our world that help us respond to the challenges we face from building cutting edge technologies to those responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, to those helping to train the next generation of a STEM ready workforce.

Help share our story by sharing your #NSFstories on social media, websites, and through your outreach. More details on how you can share you story can be found in our #NSFstories campaign page.


Yesterday's research, today's innovation
Dr. Fleming Crim, the Chief Operating Officer for NSF, outlines how long-term investments in fundamental research fuels national response in times of crisis


Be a [Citizen] Scientist!

You don’t have to have a science degree to help advance scientific knowledge and solve real world problems. Hundreds of projects funded by federal science agencies need your help--and many of them can be done at a safe social distance in your backyard or at your computer. Learn more at https://www.citizenscience.gov/.


Show the impact of NSF funding in your state or at your university.

Find information on NSF funding by state and university with our state fact sheets https://nsf.gov/about/congress/factsheets.jsp.


Add an NSF-funded STEM education activity to your day

NSF has long supported innovative STEM education programs that supplement classroom learning and draw from existing best practices in education theory. Here are a few activities for learners of all ages that can be practiced at an appropriate social distance.